Thursday, April 10, 2008


I bought a bike yesterday.
I can't wait to ride it! I need to buy a helmet and lock for it, but I have grand plans for it! But it should be stated that I'm a poor follow-through on grand plans.
Things that I have had grand plans for in the past year:
1. Learning to play guitar
2. Refreshing my piano skills
3. Writing letters
4. (At least) 3 paintings
5. Learning to knit
6. Becoming awesome at sewing; starting with a t-shirt quilt, ending with my eventual appearance on Project Runway
Things currently in grand-plan process:
7. Herb garden
8. Teaching myself French
9. BIKE!
SOOOOOOO eight things to half-do in the course of a year is A LOT. Now I have a guitar, a keyboard, a lot of cards, half-painted canvases, knitting needles and yarn, a sewing machine, Pots, Rocks, and Soil, French books and CDs (on loan from the library though!), and a beautiful blue bike. All listed like that makes me seem a bit crazier than I realized. Just call me Cornflake.

Maybe all the unrest in my life is a need to learn to follow through.

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becca-b said...

i want to learn french too! we can help each other out.