Friday, May 22, 2009

Just a Little Inspiration

Here's a few things I've appreciated this week:

I just love her style and haircut. Seriously had a twelve-second idea to cut all my hair off a la Audrey Tatou in Amelie. I'll hold off for awhile, though.
Via The Sartorialist.

This is just completely lovely. Inspired by Le Balloon Rouge (1956).

Be forewarned: if there's occassion, you may receive a large mass of balloons from me in the future.

Something I should have used:

Icepacks and aloe. And time to bust out the big hat again. But I LOVE SUMMER!

Oh, and the new Harry Potter is releasing in mid-July. Who's coming with me?

Happy Memorial Day, babies.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Character Roadtrip

I got wind of this project- Character Roadtrip- by the cable network, USA, a few months ago. It's definitely worth checking out. Basically, USA commissioned eleven famous photographers to go out and take pictures of different categories of "characters." The rundown:

Dawoud Bey, "Young Chicagoans"
Anna Mia Davidson, "Sustainable Farmers of Washington State"
Jeff Dunas, "American Summer"
David Eustace, "Highway 50"
Joe Fornabaio, "New York City barber shops and salons"
Mary Ellen Mark, "New York Festivals"
Eric McNatt, "Texas Homecoming"
Eric Ogden, "Michigan Musicians"
Sylvia Plachy, "The Spirit of the South"
Richard Renaldi,"The 49th State [Alaska. What-what!]"
Marla Rutherford, "Moment of Fame"

In the current recessive, tense, and cloudy state of society, Character Project exhibits a lovely and heartening depiction of America through its proper lense: unique, beautiful, imperfect, hard-working, big-dreaming individuals.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

on: how I spend my desk downtime

First, everyone please, simply "Ooooo" and "Aaahhh" and generally adore my new spring/summer header. Because, good grief, that little b took me about two hours to do. BUT, as pathetic as that is, it was substantially more productive than how I spent my afternoon at my desk yesterday. I wouldn't lie about these things; I really have no reason to.

Here's something very clever and slightly funny:

Isn't that just great? I know, right? Found here.

Have a lovely Wednesday evening, loves. I'm going to cook and drink red wine tonight. La Dolce Vita!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well, great fancy bananas! It's been almost a full month since I've updated. I suppose a lot of unimportant things have happened. To sum up: I just wrapped my first semester of grad school, I have no car, and my bangs are taking over my entire face. Excellence.

Now that school is done and I have a whole glorious month to do whatever I want (that doesn't require a car), I will share some portraits of babies taken by the photographer Theirry Bouet in their first few minutes of life. Because they're babies, babies. And babies are cute. AND I also just love saying "babies" (but most of you already know that). Now without further ado:

Thanks to A Cup of Jo for sharing. ;)