Friday, May 22, 2009

Just a Little Inspiration

Here's a few things I've appreciated this week:

I just love her style and haircut. Seriously had a twelve-second idea to cut all my hair off a la Audrey Tatou in Amelie. I'll hold off for awhile, though.
Via The Sartorialist.

This is just completely lovely. Inspired by Le Balloon Rouge (1956).

Be forewarned: if there's occassion, you may receive a large mass of balloons from me in the future.

Something I should have used:

Icepacks and aloe. And time to bust out the big hat again. But I LOVE SUMMER!

Oh, and the new Harry Potter is releasing in mid-July. Who's coming with me?

Happy Memorial Day, babies.


Rachel said...

Ray Ray. Best sunburn trick I know: VINEGAR! You'll smell like, well vinegar, but it takes the heat out of the sunburn. I'll soak some rags in cold vinegar (if your vinegar isn't cold, just pour it over ice, then soak your rags). Then you lay the rags over the burn. I'll stick the rags back in the frige or use more cold vinegar to repeat until it doesn't burn so much. Works like a charm. I have vinegar rags already in the fridge bc I forget how white I am. From one whitey to another, with love my friend!

Rachel said...

I just realized how poor those directions were... round 2:

1. Pour a container of vinegar in a bowl over ice. In the future, just keep a bottle of vinegar in the fridge.
2. Soak washclothes in vinegar, ringing out the excess so it's not drippy, but keeping enough so it can work its magic.
3. Lay washclothes over burn, keeping them there until they are warm.
4. Repeat step 2 & 3 until you are either out of vinegar or tired of the process.
5. You can keep the rags in the fridge for a few days to lay on the burn whenever you feel like it.

Much better!