Wednesday, July 22, 2009

on: a post that isn't 'Music Monday'

Jarrod reminded me this morning of a culinary fiasco that we witnessed in DC back in January. A woman at the Smithsonian cafe was eating a slice of pizza with a whole bratwurst on top, covered in parm and ranch. Woof. We got on this topic because of a sign I saw in a window of a Long John Silver's (I KNOW) that said "Caution: hot dogs at this establishment contain milk." WHAT?! That's filthy. So sick. Why? How? Dairy in what form?

I want to wear a pair of these around, but I'm not sure it would fly:

(via The Sartorialist)

But I guess I will just have to settle for this style, as it's more attainable and office-approp.:

(via coco+kelley)

And finally, just for good measure... because GOODLOVEAREYOUSERIOUS?! This is incredible.

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j.linneman said...

maybe they are cheese hot dogs? (which, on the topic of cheese hot dogs, somebody in my family gave jeremy a cheese hot dog on the fourth of july and he still hasn't recovered.)