Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Typical: Stress Relief

Well, I'm back to the blog world, babies. It's been a long time. I had to come back to bring you this special report:

My co-worker has this liquid- and glitter-filled squishy stress-ball that she plays with.

Like one of these, only with little toys inside.

We're sitting in our office and we hear this loud "POP" and see glitter and water and small toys blow up all over her face. Glitter on the walls, in her hair, all over her sweater.

It was awesome.

A lot like this, actually.

You may now resume your activities.


bethany said...

let's work in an office together one day and be sassy

cari said...

I'm so happy.

Laura said...

yess! you're back, don't leave for so long next time

Rachel said...

I would have paid good money to see that. Good money and then some.