Wednesday, April 14, 2010

right now, i'm loving:

Some things that have made me happy recently (other than the weather. But I assure you, it've been primarily the weather.)

1. This Aardvark Manifesto from Keep Calm Gallery.

2. These "Ideal Bookshelf" prints from Jane Mount. (The one below would be close to mine.)

3. Photography by Paul Barbera.

4. And all things in-the-garden, really.

(photo by lonnymag)

5. The new JCREW. Like duh. All the shots are garden-themed, too! EEk. I esp. love the navy gingham checked button down. But I'm gonna have to wait/hope for the sale on that one. (Btw, did you know that they offer a 15% discount on in-store purchases to teachers and students w/ valid IDs?! I think I may finally go get my UMKC ID after all...)

6. Aixois coffee bar.

(crappy cell-phone picture)

7. THIS nook. THESE blue walls. THOSE lights. Ohhh be still my heart.

(spotted by Mel @ You Are My Fave, Jr., I think)

8. Pandas. Always and ever. Especially in front of yellow backgrounds. And waving pandas.

(spotted by P at What Possessed Me)

9. Red bentwood chairs. Red furniture in general, I think. And that huge table is nice, too.
(via little green notebook)

10. New music!!!
New jonsi album online!
Snoop Dogg goes Green? That Tree!
And of course, via Black*Eiffel a little poppy number.

So, what's been making you happy this week, lovlies?


Anonymous said...

All of those things are lovely. I recently discovered Aixois and yes it is SO great! Especially to escape the ever-growing mobs that fill up the Roasterie.

Panda photo is a little weird.

I'm also enjoying some gardening (since I no longer live with you, I decided to finally plant some of my own herbs). Also Jonsi, also my new Michael Jackson t-shirt, and a lot of weather-related activities (i.e. porch sitting, biking, tulip-photo-ing).

LaurenW said...

Umm, Rachel, I think we are soul mates or something because the love I felt for all of those things is indescribable. Thank you for these wonderful things and where in the WORLD is that nook with those lights and that blue and the breakfast menu? Hope you are so well - it has been a while :)

Aaron said...

Love the Aardvark Manifesto! Since we've both recently posted manifestos, does that mean we are suppose to start a revolution? I hope not because I don't think I'm up for that.
And are you sure that little panda is not a painted possum? Just saying...

Beatriz said...

Smart and chic. Love your blog! This list is fabulous! I am especially Loving that little corner of bliss with those hanging lights.. magic.

PS My giveaway ends today! Come check it out ;)