Wednesday, July 7, 2010


! I have a slight, but mounting, obsession with "Alice in Wonderland" themed things. I would live in the new Tim Burton movie. No jokes. I would decorate my entire house like a topsy turvy english garden tea party with pretty china and extravangant wallpaper and rose bushes inside. I would cover entire hallways with giant paper flowers. I'm not even kidding. I'm not all that into couture, really, other than for the artistic appreciation of it. But the new Galliano for Dior collection is out.of.control. It's fantastic! I would wear that black and yellow dress as my wedding dress someday. Just dare me. (And then buy it for me.)

Images from rdujour via the Neo-Traditionalist.


Anonymous said...

OH man I TOTALLY DARE you to wear that dress someday. For any occassion. That would be AWESOME. I'll chip in like $100 towards the cost. (what is it, like $10,000?!).

Jessica said...

Dior can do no wrong. I'd kill for that dress too!

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Rachel said...

Maureen- Well, thank you very much! We'll just have to set the record for comments on one of my blogposts by people that feel the same way. Nooooo problem, right?

Jessica- I know, right!?