Monday, September 22, 2008

PR 5 x 10, and some other things.

Well, today is the first day of fall. This will be the third time I've said this today on-Internet, but I really want a dang Pumpkin Spice Latte, y'all. I mean, come on! H yes.

The Challenge: Design a look for a recent college grad just entering the work force. It's got to be hip, professional, true-to-the-designer, and appealing to the mother's. Easy-peasy, right? WHAT?!

-I’m still pretty thrilled that Terri is gone, sorry, I know she was a fan-favorite. She was a bossy cow.
-Kenley doesn’t understand what she was in the bottom last time…so her strategy is to not really worry what the judges think…hmmm….good plan, Kenley-who-doesn’t-look-at-other-lines.
-I think Heidi is wearing a Rami on the challenge-runway.
-The designers all look fearful at the appearance of the black velvet bag.
-Kenley has found a mini-me!
-Jerrell’s flirty-awkward vision is precious.
-Holly’s mother is out-of-control. The first thing out of her mouth, it’s obvious.
-What is Joe thinking!? Graphic designer, go nuts, yo! Joe’s girl doesn’t like the pin-stripe. So do something different with it! Make a dress!
-Leanne’s mother-daughter duo whining whining whining. (Hedda Lettuce?)
-Suede’s Jacket is six shades of hideous. Wait, so it the dress-top. How did he get here!? HOW?!
-Pocket-squares? Pocket-squares? What the H? Have I ever worn a pocket-square?
-You know, I wouldn’t mind Kenley’s incessant laughing at people if she wasn’t such a KenleyPretentiousFool- Meany-head about it!
-Kenley is hard at work assuring the transformation of her mini-me.
-Why does Kenley hate Tim Gunn? Why? WHY?! WHY?!
-Joe thinks he nailed the look. Clearly he’s going home.

Korto-“I don’t want to have to step on nobody cause they were talkin’ bout my mamma.”
Leanne- “…She looks like she’s twelve.” Hmmmmm….Leanne, this is the pot calling the kettle black.
Kenley- “I really like Anna, she’s sweet. She reminds me of me.” Kenley, don’t be a tool.
Korto- “Since Stella’s gone, I’m the queen of Luttha now!”
Kenley- “I’m gonna make the prettiest dress in the world!” Vom.
Suede- “Omigod. Suede found a pucci-esq print in purple!” It’s godawfulhideous! And most likely polyester. Poor choice.
Jerell- “My first job was working for McDonalds. I got all kinds of Big n’ Tasty’s, and I got bad skin from standing over a fryer!” I like Jerrell this episode. I will refrain from using his nickname as a result. Kenley will get one though, KenleyPretentiousFool.
Kenley- “…Not going to listen to that! I never really change anything for Tim Gunn.” WHAT?! She’s so off the face of this PR earth!
Suede- “Miniature Kenley!” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Leanne- Cute, not best shape forHolly. Leanne’s original was so much better.

Korto- It works. I’m not crazy about it. It’s sharp though. Young? I don’t know about that…

Kenley aka Pretenstiousfool- Minikenley, minikenley, minikenley. Even her hair! Bah!

Joe. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong! At least Blane knew how to make a Hot Mess.

Jerrell- FAB. I would totally wear that. For once.

Suede- O CRAP. That’s soooo bad! Soooo bad! Those awful midevil sleeves! Nina has a lot of problems with it. And how couldn’t she?

Winner: Jerrell! Okay! He can have it! It was the best.
Suede or Joe? Suede or Joe? Suede or Joe?
Joe is out.
Yes it was bad bad bad.
But Suede’s never done anything good!

So close to Bryant Park. If Suede goes, I'll sue.

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