Tuesday, February 3, 2009

bologna sandwich.

I don't like bologna anyway. It's like the hot-dog of lunchmeats.

Here's how lunch played out today:

Co-worker #1 brings a bologna sandwich in a wonderbread container.

Co-worker #2 and I have already finished our burgers.

3 minutes later we are greeted with a rancid wave of smell like onions and cheetos marinated in mayonaisse.

Co-worker #3 walks in and says "What IS that?"

10 minutes later: The fan is on. I've covered my face with a scarf. I've gagged.

Co-worker #2 to Co-worker #1 "Your stale lunchmeat smells like a trail of tears [another term for crop-dusting, apparently]. And it's just not giving up."

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Rachel said...

Trail of tears... man alive that is FUNNY! Your day cracked me up. Thanks for sharing, my love!

Random: the random letters I have to type in to post this comment are "Vince" ... which is apparently my new name.