Tuesday, March 10, 2009

: on customer service

So I recently got a new Sprint phone (and plan) thanks to a very generous gentleman from my church.

I have been with Sprint for six years now, and had every intention of giving them da' boot last month when my contract expired. But seeing how events transpired, I decided to stick with them for awhile longer. This is fine and all, but let me share with you how this customer-service scenario played out today.

Background: You know that little "envelope" icon that shows up at the top of your screen when you have a message, well mine has been up there all the time, even though I don't have any messages. This is not a HUGE deal in the scheme of things, compared with say, you know world poverty, etc. So yes, definitely a developed-world problem. But it really irritates me, okay? I don't have any new messages! I have checked my voicemail, my text messages, my SMS messages, my picture mail, and even my internet from my phone. THERE ARE NO MESSAGES. I have "cleared the envelope," "powered-off, then powered-on my phone," I have "removed the battery and rebooted." And still, that little envelope sits at the top of my screen, taunting me.
Jarrod also sits in front of me, taunting me, with such irrelevant advice about checking my messages that it makes me want to hit him in the face. I might actually, if he didn't currently have a vicious tooth-ache that more-or-less does the job for me. Convenient? Maybe.

So I call up Sprint customer service (it only takes four times to get through) and talk to this woman for awhile only to get (HERE IT COMES), "Well. I don't know how to fix that."


This would be where I think to myself that favorite word: unacceptable.

So ten minutes later, the advice that I hang up with is "You know, I just usually ignore that little envelope on my phone anyway."

Stoopid. If I wanted to ignore it, maybe I wouldn't have called.

This rant brought to you by, coincidentally, my Samsung "Rant." Ha!

Unrelated: Are Peeps vegan? They just look so colorful and delicious.


Anonymous said...

Classic. FIX IT.

And peeps never look delicious. They are one of the most disgusting candies ever created.

Rachel said...

Peeps are freaking heaven in my mouth. And they are not vegan, as they have gelatin which is in fact an animal by-product. Good news is they go on sale after Easter -- when you can eat them!

And what kind of Samsung phone is it?

suz said...


yes, i spent many, many hours with sprint's customer service department trying to resolve some billing issues for work. i think i cussed in their general direction, several times!

Laura said...

are YOU vegan?

Rachel said...

Laura (although I don't know to which Laura I am speaking to...), I am a temporary vegan. Giving it a trial-run for the Lenten season.

amy said...

Sprint. Pshhh. When I was with them, on two separate occasions during customer service phone conversations, I was called a liar and denied to speak with a supervisor. And that is only the beginning.

We should all call them and ask where the hell are the wigs.

Signed, a very happy AT&T customer.