Thursday, August 20, 2009

Typical: The Air-Freshner Episode.

First, it's just absurdly GORGEOUS outside, and I'm sitting here, with no windows, suffocating in fragrance.

Second, some background: a few months ago, a couple of my co-workers were sitting in an office chatting when a toxic-strength floral scent began to pour from the vents (think movie-poisonous-gases-style). They cough and cover their faces and co-worker #1 says to co-worker #2, "Are we going to die?"*

Fast-forward to today, whilst sitting at my desk, suddenly my head begins to ache and my throat begins to burn as I'm assaulted with a just HIDEOUS scent. Think, something like a cross between a Glade-plug-in and any scent from a Crabtree and Evelyn store (adored by Grandmothers and Victorian-era enthusiasts the world over). I remark on the rudeness of the smell and both of my office-mates agree that it is offensive and deadly. Not 30 seconds later, a coworker in another room yells out, "WHAT IS THAT WONDERFUL SMELL?"

Classic. Couldn't have been better if it were scripted.

*It should also be noted that this is the origin of this phrase that I now use frequently.

Nooowwww, to get my mind off of this death-cloud of fragrance, some other things:

1) I'm moving out of my dear Garfield house this weekend. And I'm sad. I keep meaning to write about it, but it clearly hasn't happened yet.

2) Project Runway premieres tonight! Boom! No promises on the PR-posts this time around, though. I mean, I'll have class and crap.

3) And a couple of pick-me-ups. Because I'm drowning in fragrance!!!! First, baby sea turtles!!!! When I was in NC last week, we visited the Topsail Turtle Hospital and I got to see real, live sea turtles. Naturally, I've had baby sea turtles on the brain since.

4) And finally, a little Kanye for your day. Yes, I know it's Thursday. But I just LOOOVEEEE this song. And you should too. :)


Blakely said...

This made my day. You + Kanye = Friday delight.

amy said...

Let the record note that THIS phrase I absolutely adore: "I mean, I'll have class and crap."

Jami Nato said...

i don't even know you, but i saw your blog on suz kangas' blog...and you are funny. props.

and hadn't heard this song by kanye yet. glorious...