Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Runway: Green Week

Challenge: design a cocktail dress for a young hollywood face, using green fabrics, SURPRISE the models get to pick the fabrics and SURPRISE! Natalie Portman is a guest judge!!!

Notable quotes were scarcer this week:
"[Some] look Ugly-brown-fabric over there, should be."
"Shiny, tight, and short is the quickest way to look cheap." (Yes, Nina just described everything sold at DEB's and Vanity's across the nation)

But Thank You Tim Gunn (please-come-to-my-house-for-dinner) for saying "Hot Mess!" It's my favorite behind what you (actually you didn't say) but the "Where's Andre?'s"

And in between, I saw some beer commercial that made me want to wear big hair and cat eyes every day.

ON TO THE RUNWAY. (Pics only of the notable/notorious designs)

Keith's model was wearing a window valence.

Wesley: SICK. disaster. It looks like I sewed it. And I don't sew.

Jerrel: death first.

Jennifer:Pretty, but I'll buy it at the Gap.

Daniel: clutch at-the-last-minute move sewing it together, but it looked a smidge Forever 21. I'm sorry, I hate to say it! I promise I was rooting for you!

Girlicious aka Tanorexic aka Blane- It was Deec. Meah. It looks like something he would wear.

Joe: Woof. VANITY wouldn't even pick that up.

Terri- Definitely should have gotten more attention. It was impeccable. Classy, not overly dressy, fresh. And NAVY people! Navy is not your everyday little-black-dress. Well, obviously.

Suede: Strips=AWESOME. I'd wear it in a heartbeat. Me and a million other women. But Kenley totally should have won that one. Sorry, Suedy. (Christian said it was too cheesy. He would! But sidenote: Wes and Daniel are dating. Christian was totally jealous! )

Kenley: Collar is da' Bomb. (A bit too Christian Siriano-like, maybe?). Classic, Chic, Elegant. (yesm, i said it Micheal Kors). Winner in my opinion though. Flawless.

Kelli: ohhhhhh nooooooo.

Leanne: conceptual. fairly modern. better as a whole look than just a dress. Too much. Even Santino would have said so. It was a prom dress for a gnome.

Stella: aka Trash bags. So bad, not even Natalie could act like she liked it. How did she get on? Lacing is awful. Everyone is glad it's out. Stop trying to rescue it. PLEASE.

Korto: It's well fitted, but sort of looked like the Jetson's car.

Adios Wesley. I'll miss you in your vintage oxfords and dad shorts. I wish that they had booted Stella (aka trash bags) and her heinous leather-lace-up wear, or Jarrel and his unforgivable ill-fitted disaster of a dress, but it was not meant to be.

Next Week: Ponchos. And I mean the functional ones. Watch solely for this.

P.S.- I promise I'm writing legit stuff, too. Stay posted for non-runway-writings soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice summary of this week's episode. I feel totally up-to-date (considering I definitely fell asleep before the midnight replay!)

Becky said...

HILAROUS. I love the play-by-play! I watched it, but don't remember some of those dresses!