Thursday, July 17, 2008



Project Runway Season 5 has officially begun, and I love them already.

The challenge: use grocery store items to make an outfit.

Quotes of the night:

"Tim, I want you to meet girlicious."
"Well, my fabric is trash." (She was using a garbage bag. I think the irony was lost on her.)
"This is whackadoodle..."
"It looked like an old diaper." (It did. Like an old diaper blew up.)

Oh, how I missed Christian when a couple of those outfits debuted; to hear his voice saying "god-awful hideous!"

Kelly deserved the win. But I will say this, though. Daniel (I may have found another Daniel to love) took the blue plastic cup to levels of class that it had never dared to dream of all those decades of house parties.

And Heidi is still the fiercest auf-ing b in the business. Tim Gunn: please come to my house for dinner and be sure to say "Holla atcho boy!" on your way out. Never change, y'all, never change.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I agree about the exploded diaper. That thing was horrific.

I think my favorite so far is Terri. That mop-top was beautiful! But yeah, Kelly definitely won that one.

becca-b said...

yes project runway! my favorite quote was the guy who got auf'd, "my project runway experience was like a roller coaster, i was up and then i was down and then i was up and then down..." dude, you were on 1 episode. i miss christian's reactions too. "hot tranny mess!"