Friday, August 8, 2008


I only just heard about this case, of a neglected girl in Florida, today, but I read this article rivited twice. It's absolutely unbelieveable.

Ealier this week my boss, whose background is in Children and Family Services, alerted me to this site. It's online shopping for kids. No, not kid's clothing or books or toys, but for the kids themselves. A picture and a paragraph for a child. I'm appauled at the language-describing kids like couches, but then again, the Heart Gallery apparently saved little Dani in the above story.

Take a look, and I dare you to hold your heart intact. Then shake your head in wonderment with me asking what we can do. I really don't have any idea.

On a lighter note, though, I was driving behind a man in a minivan smoking a pipe yesterday- and I most definitely saw him wave his pipe in anger at the car in front of him. AND he had a beard, too. Ohhhh, bonus! It made my morning.

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