Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Way back then...

Remember when we used to collect soda-tabs? We used to put them on ugly chains, key chains, shoe strings, etc. I remember that I used to paint mine different colors with nail polish- the same frightening colors I used to paint my nails: all shades of neon, greens, and plenty of glitter. I think I got the idea from an American Girl magazine. But this was back when I wore t-necks, and vests w/ stirrup pants. Then I went to middle school. The trend was everywhere! I thought for once in my life I was on pace to something cool. Then I found out that each tab stood for a boy that you had kissed or some other slutty nonsense. I was ten. Most likely, I secretly still thought boys had coodies. Leave it to (adult) American Girl Magazine editors to eff something like that up. Look at me, Look at me! I’m a hooch-bomb. Apparently.

And life was simpler back then?

I think I was supposed to email someone about something or other today. It’s not looking good for whomever/whatever that was.

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bec said...

hahaha. hooch-bomb? i'm liking your language.

at least you did something in style when you were 10. pretty sure i had braces twice, wore overalls well into 8th or 9th grade, and had a bowl cut like a little dutch boy for a good number of years.