Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Titanic Drama: Episode 5-04 Project Runway

Challenge: Design a look for the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games, in the footsteps of Amarmi and Ralph Lauren.

Guest Judge, Apollo Ohno, olympic athlete and fashion-savvy? Oh, be still fashion-heart!

Notable Quotes (and might I say FREAKING FINALLY! This episode was packed w/ gems!)

Who else? Tanorexic aka Blane-"I just wanna go tanning. Please."
Again, who else? Trashbags, that's who.- "I'm a true cave-girl. I like leathuh, I like fur." (vomit. kick her off before the challenge.)
Who's that guy that just said "Let the fashion games begin!"?
Terri- "A sister's gotta keep one eye open."
That one guy said that thing about fashion games again! It wasn't funny the first time.
Tanorexic- "In tanning I'm an olympic athlete. But it only goes to bronze."
Blane-"I keep getting paler and paler and weaker and weaker. "
TimGunn to Tanorexic-"It's looking a little Sgt. Pepper to me"
Blane (tool!)- "I don't know who that is."
TimGunn- "Oh God, youth."
Blane (about Jerell's outfit)-"And the Titanic drama, his heart will go on."
TimGunn to Daniel-"I don't know where's she from! Republic of Cocktail-land?"

You know, right now, I bet Tim Gunn is desperately missing Daniel V., Chloe, Laura, Jeffery, and even Santino. And Austin Scarlett, I'm sure as well, even though I didn't watch that season.


-Stella's looking like a space drag-queen.
-Korto's using leather? Stella using black stretch satin? Whaa? Did we just flip downside into an alternate universe?
-Why is Stella akaTrashBags using hideous stretch-black satin? "Cuz it's space-age and modern." That's why she's doing black for the olympics.
-A million sound-bites of Kenley flirting with Daniel. Even though he's gay and dating Wesley. I like him less and less. Daniel V. Still my fav Daniel.
-Joe's doing a skort. O yes.
-Tim IS going to murder Blane. And Daniel (so we dont look like a bunch of wall flowers).
-YEEESSSSSSSSSS DRAMA. To which Suede says "whackadoodle" again.
-A million soundbites of everyone saying WAAAAAAAAA.
-Jarell- Outfit is still awful. Sooooo too much! So over-the-top. Santino would tell you to edit.
-finally. Finally. Finally.


Korto-Sharp. Modern. Sophisticated. She wins? Oh, alright.

Suede-Skirt is deec. Shirt is awful. Ill-fitted hot mess.

Kelli, who?- Completely inapprop for the Olympics. And a little too retro even if it were.

Joe, Who-no-more! I was skeptical, but he won me over. Michael also questions the skort. He can't win because he likes women.

Leane-Sassy. Modern. Rawr. Could have been a bit better in the finishing department.

Daniel- so sad. "I was inspired by the forties." No really. "With the striking blue and the striking red. The color's very saturated." Micheal says, "If her sport is drinking, she's an Olympic athlete." Paha!

Jarell aka Deathbeforehisdesigns (yes, he's earned it now.)- Well, you know how I feel about this already. Nina hates it. Looks like maryhadalittlelamb. Muhshugaduh. (some polish expression for god-awful-hideous and completely inappropriate)

Stella-GAHHHHHH! Honest scream when I saw it. Ruthless nasty. I bet her model is about ready to no-show, like Keith's!

Keith-Whatevs. Forgot it before it was off the runway.

Kelli- does it again! You should have won girl! The judges really under-value you. But I would have to guess that your model was not in that tube-top in the slightest sense.

Jennifer-She's gotta go home. It's boring. Sweater looks like Christopher and Banks. IE- mothers everywhere would love it.

Blane akaTanorexic-HOT. Sgt. Pepper, who?

Kenley akaGigglypants-Off the mark. Needs red. Sharp failure, but what does she care? She had immunity this week.

Ouch harsh words Heidi. And Jennifer loses. It had to happen, but I would support a decision to send Stella akaTrashbags home at any point, if we needed an alternative.

Maureen reminded me that she describes her personal style as if Holly Gollightly were to visit a Salvador Dali exhibit. Surrealism? That's the most absurd thing ever! I definitely won't miss you.

PS-Maybe we should count the number of times I used the word "who" in the post. I bet it's excessive. Also, I didn't fall asleep in this episode, so that's an improvement.

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Rachel said...

Name twin! I love your PR updates, and that you quite possibly share the obsession! I'm totally not feeling this season thus far, and I agree that it will never be too soon to see Stella or Blayne go. Btw, does the great divide between Blayne's front teeth irritate you too? I normally find things like that charming and endearing, but on the orange man, it's just another thing to irritate me. Love you! Love your show!